VENTI 768 kHZ 32 bit DSD DAC USB


VENTI 768 kHZ  32 bit  DSD DAC USB



Why “Venti”? Twenty years ago North Star
Design was born; After the great success in
Italy, we soon became known worldwide as
digital audio experts. Today we want to
celebrate this important goal by introducing our
new reference DAC, the Venti (Twenty in
We wanted to create something special; The
challenge was first of all to overcome the
performance of the Supremo DAC. It was hard
but not impossible to make a no-compromise
unit for a ten-thousand-euro sale price that was
achievable. The challenge in the challenge was
to realize this unit following the North Star
Design philosophy, 90% state-of-the-art
technology , 10% engineering art, 100% sound.
For this DAC Venti, representative of the
twenty-year anniversary, we chose the new
DAC Sabre ES9038PRO, the best DAC in the
world. It was like turning on the fuse, accepting
a new challenge, starting for a new adventure.
It’s as if in Formula One a new unbelievable
engine was built and a new car should be built
to exploit all its potential.

Right away, we had the perception that not only
from the technical point of view but above all from
the musical one there was a different, finer,
delicate, bright sound. Incredibly harmonious with
the classic 44.1-16 CD. For us it has been like
rediscovering for the once more the hidden quality
there is in that old format. Right away, there was
the need to analyze, measure, listen to understand
where the limits had been moved and how to go
any further.
Let’s start from the engine. The ES 9038PRO has
enabled us to get more balanced performance in
both PCM and DSD formats. The ES9038PRO DAC
has the ability to manage in 768kHz-32bit PCMs
and allows you to select seven oversampling filters
in PCM format, making it the most flexible in the
world. And these options are available via a
machined aluminum remote control so you can
make a direct comparison.

The DAC, to perform at it’s best, must be perfectly synchronized during the conversion operation.
The majority of reference oscillators do not have enough performance for the ES9038PRO. So
we chose the best vailable, the Crystek with the lowest phase noise in the world to ensure very
low jitter. It turned out to be a perfect marriage.
On the other hand, the incredible performance of the ES9038PRO is only possible if the DAC is
supported by a high current power supply section. In this case, we have designed the digital and
analog power supply so that we can keep up with the greater power demand. And as designers
of units using Sabre DACs, we are perfectly aware of the problems associated with an
inadequate power section; It is like to fuel a racing motor with poor quality gasoline.
Now the I2S connection has been optimized to achieve the transmission speeds needed to
transfer the 768kHz-32bit. The result on this connection is really amazing, especially in
conjunction with the CD-Transport Magnifico. A USB firmware update will be available shortly to
allow upsampling at 768kHz-32 bits starting from the 44.1kHz-16bit of the CD.

One of the secrets that allows DAC to express maximum performance is the perfect
match between the analog stage and the analog section of the DAC itself. For this
purpose, the entire analog section has been subjected to a new design made possible
by the discrete component realization of the analog stage itself. Blind listening sessions
have allowed you to select new, more powerful components that optimize listening
performance at best.
The only aesthetic appeal we wanted to add will make lovers of “interior” design
happy; On the top of the Venti there is a plexiglass window from which, thanks to an
adjustable LED lighting, you can see the inside of the unit. A show in the show.
Believe us, in the DAC Venti you will
find all our passion and our
experience. You will discover again
how many new emotions will give
you your favorite music. Music is
our life and its reproduction our
passion. Live the Music.



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