Aurum ΜΕGΑΝ VIII Ηχείο

Aurum ΜΕGΑΝ VIII Ηχείο
High End 2 way Hχειο Βασεως  με Tweeter Ribbon.

Technical Data:
Type: 2-way       
Design principle: bass reflex       
Nominal/music power (W): 60/100 W       
Frequency response (Hz): 44..65.000 Hz       
Crossover frequency (Hz): 3000 Hz        
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m): 86 dB       
Impedance (Ohm): 4..8       
Tweeter: ribbon       
Woofer:    135 mm Ø ALTIMA®       
Maße (H x B x T) in cm:    35,7 x 19,4 x 29,05 cm       
Weight in kg: 9 kg    

A compact speaker with stature. With a noble exterior of genuine wood and the finest internal technology.
The woofers use the tried-and-true quadral ALTIMA® membrane, and the high tones are handled by the newly developed, swift-footed ribbon tweeter.
The AURUM MEGAN VIII’s sophisticated sound brings even the most jaded ears to attention. And its intricate frequency separating filter helps it work well with the amplifier to achieve tonal balance and rich acoustic colour.
Thanks to the bass reflex principle, this little masterpiece is even convincing when it comes to low-tone dynamics. The AURUM MEGAN VIII brings the greatest possible musical enjoyment in the smallest possible space.
For placing the speaker on a stand, we recommend the DESIGN STATIV C.

BLACK HIGH GLOSS: 700 ευρω/τεμ.  
WHITE HIGH GLOSS: 700 ευρω/τεμ.
LIGHT OAK: 700 ευρω/τεμ.
CHOKO OAK: 700 ευρω/τεμ.   
CHERRY: 700 ευρω/τεμ.

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