Aurum ALTAN VIII Ηχείο

Aurum ALTAN VIII Ηχείο
High End 2 way Hχειο Βασεως  με Tweeter Ribbon.

Technical Data:
Type: 2-way       
Design principle: bass reflex       
Nominal/music power (W): 70/120 W       
Frequency response (Hz): 38..65.000 Hz       
Crossover frequency (Hz): 2400 Hz        
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m): 87 dB       
Impedance (Ohm): 4..8       
Tweeter: ribbon       
Woofer:    170 mm Ø ALTIMA®       
Maße (H x B x T) in cm:    40,5 x 22,2 x 34,55 cm       
Weight in kg:    12,6 kg    

Musically an undisputed talent and technically a superb piece of engineering with a masterly finish: that’s the new ALTAN from quadral. Its unadulterated reproduction of the fundamental tones is down to the quadral ALTIMA® diaphragm, made from a compound of aluminium, titanium and magnesium. And the high trebles come over exceptionally accurately and effortlessly thanks to quadral’s new ribbon tweeter. The crossover network gives this duo precisely the support it needs to make music with unequalled homogeneity and vitality. The ALTAN can handle even really high levels of volume, and the sound it generates is what you’d normally expect from a bigger unit.

BLACK HIGH GLOSS: 800 ευρω/τεμ.  
WHITE HIGH GLOSS: 800 ευρω/τεμ.
LIGHT OAK: 800 ευρω/τεμ.
CHOKO OAK: 800 ευρω/τεμ.   
CHERRY: 800 ευρω/τεμ.

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