Aurum BASE VIII Ηχείο

Aurum BASE VIII Ηχείο
High End 3 way Κεντρικο  Hχειο  με Tweeter Ribbon.

Technical Data:
Type: 3-way       
Design principle: closed       
Nominal/music power (W): 120/200 W       
Frequency response (Hz): 33…65.000 Hz       
Crossover frequency (Hz): 500/2600 Hz        
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m): 87 dB       
Impedance (Ohm): 4…8       
Tweeter: ribbon       
Midrange: 135mm Ø ALTIMA®       
Woofer:    135mm Ø ALTIMA®       
Maße (H x B x T) in cm:    17,9 x 48 x 24,7 cm       
Weight in kg:    10,4 kg    

With the AURUM ORKAN, WOTAN, ALTAN and MEGAN, you have many ways to assemble a multi-channel speaker system with a modern, minimalist design. And the AURUM BASE VIII joins them as the visually and acoustically perfect centre speaker that adapts flawlessly to the others in a sophisticated living environment. Thanks to AURUM Premium technologies, the AURUM BASE VIII shines with its spacious, precise representation, which will provide great joy for years to come. Instead of being ventilated (bass reflex), its casing is closed. Above all, this improves reproduction of deep male voices.


BLACK HIGH GLOSS: 900 ευρω/τεμ.  
WHITE HIGH GLOSS: 900 ευρω/τεμ.
LIGHT OAK: 900 ευρω/τεμ.
CHOKO OAK: 900 ευρω/τεμ.   
CHERRY: 900 ευρω/τεμ.
INDIVIDUAL LACQEUR: 1000 ευρω/τεμ.

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