Aurum ORKUS SUB Ηχείο

Aurum ORKUS SUB Ηχείο
High End SUBWOOFER Aυτοενισχυομενο.

Technical Data:
Type: active subwoofer       
Design principle: bass reflex, downfire       
Nominal/music power (W): 300/400 W       
Frequency response (Hz): 22…150 Hz       
Crossover frequency (Hz): 50…150 Hz variable       
Woofer:    300 mm Ø       
Input sensitivity (mV):    250 mV       
Standby connection: yes, power-saving       
Phase:    0…180°       
Supply voltage (V): 115/230 ~ switchable       
Maße (H x B x T) in cm:    47,2 x 39 x 56 cm       
Weight in kg: 31,6 kg    

Films with a large number of effects demand powerful support in the bass range, and even for this task, the wide-ranging AURUM line has exactly the right speaker:With 300 watts of nominal output and a full 400 watts of music power, the ORKUS SUB earns due respect. Its vast output reserve takes the job of processing the performance- and load-intensive bass range off the rest of the reproduction chain. This lets the rest of the speakers play more freely and dynamically. In addition, the ORKUS SUB provides effective accents with its impressive volume and precise construction.With its broad choice of cabinet colours, the ORKUS SUB integrates optimally into any living space.


BLACK HIGH GLOSS: 1400 ευρω/τεμ.  
WHITE HIGH GLOSS: 1400 ευρω/τεμ.
LIGHT OAK: 1400 ευρω/τεμ.
CHOKO OAK: 1400 ευρω/τεμ.   
CHERRY: 1400 ευρω/τεμ.
INDIVIDUAL LACQEUR: 1600 ευρω/τεμ.

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