BLUE DIAMOND CD / USB DSD DAC NEW ! demo unit 1840 euro.silver.

BLUE DIAMOND CD PLAYER WITH DSD USB DAC.until 384kHz-32 bits and DSD, DSDx2, DSDx4 (11,2Mbit/s).


SATIN SILVER 2625 EURO.demo unit 1840 euro.silver.


This unit meet the need to play music from both classic CD Disc and new Hi-Res files; in fact the CD Player Blue Diamond is equipped with a modern USB interface that allows to play music until 384kHz-32 bits and DSD, DSDx2, DSDx4 (11,2Mbit/s).

A complete SETUP function is available to configure some parameters like, DAC PLL bandwidth, absolute phase, digital filters for both PCM and DSD. The unit is very easy to use; from stand-by you can start to play music like a CD Player or a DAC. The DAC function is available at the USB, COAX and Toslink inputs.

The unit is designed to keep separated all the sections starting from the power supply. Different secondary windings are available from the toroidal transformer for CD mechanism, digital and analogue sections; each part of the board is carefully designed to increase the signal-to-noise ratio at the analogue output. The USB input is optically coupled at the digital section of the unit to avoid any unwanted noise from the PC.

The heart of the unit is the DAC Sabre ES9016, the same used in the Impulso unit. This DAC ensure a great sound and very high measurement performances.

The analogue output is available on both balanced and unbalanced connectors. The unit is also equipped with a digital output on RCA connector only for PCM signals.

The unit is shipped with a complete and beautiful aluminum machining remote control.

The CD Player Blue Diamond is orderable from now on satin silver or satin black frontplate finish.

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