Lyric Ti 100 Mk II

Lyric Ti 100 Mk II  BLACK or SILVER

KT 150 PRICE 5800 EURO  KT 120 PRICE 5680 EURO.

Fluid sound, paired with the highest musicality – contributes to the listening pleasure. Our first Single-Ended Class A integrated-amplifier offers a most cultivated music reproduction. It is suitable for medium to highly efficient loud-speakers, and has enough power and control to operate impedance-critical speakers.

Its pure circuit concept, in combination with a

powerful power supply, creates a high stability and an excellent external voltage separation.

As with the Lyric Ti 140 Mk II , it is possible to use different

power amp-tubes (EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150). The input stage is stocked per channel with a fine 6SL7 double triode. The bias can be conveniently adjusted by two potentiometers, displayed though the integrated bias meter. For individual sound adjustment, the negative feedback can be adjusted in three steps, each for 4 and 8 ohms. The five high-level inputs can be customarily extended by a tape-out and a pre-out; for example to drive an active subwoofer. A buffer-amp can also be implemented if long cables or low impedance devices have to be connected.

The remote control will adjust the volume, the input selection, activate the mute function, and also can be set up using RC5 code.

The Ti 100 Mk II is not only impressive with its high-quality components and interior values, but also with its elegant design.


NEW – finish and performance improvements of Ti 100 Mk II-series:

The look: New body with a high-quality finish!


The technology upgrade:

• Optimization of the mains transformer creates a higher magnetic coupling and greater power capacity with larger EI iron core. At the same time, the magnetic leakage is minimized.

• New output transformers with extended frequency range increase the bandwidth of the output signal.

• The power supply received new capacitors with a higher voltage, more compact dimensions and, above all, excellent sound characteristics.


Integrated amplifier

Output power RMS:

2 x 20W (KT150), 
2 x 18W (KT120), 
2 x 8W (KT88),
2 x 7 W (EL34 / KT77)


< 3 %

Output impedance:

4 and 8 ohms


95 dB

Type of circuit:

Single-ended class A (Ultralinear)

Frequency response:

15 Hz to 30 kHz (-1dB)


5 x Line

Optional outputs:


and/or Tape-Out


Black or Silver

Dimensions W / D / H:

440 x 382 x 223 mm


31 kg


Power tubes:


Optional: 2 x KT88 or 

KT120 or KT150 or EL34

Input tubes:

2 x 6SL7

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