LYRIC Ti 140 Mk II.

LYRIC Ti 140 Mk II.

KT 120 PRICE  6700 EURO.   KT 150 6980 EURO. Black or Silver.


Finely graded, natural tones, contoured bass, tremendous 
dynamics and precision: The new Lyric Ti 140 plays in its own league.

The consistent further development of the successful model Ti 120 impresses with its excellent workmanship, elegant design and impressive sound. A powerhouse that effortlessly serves even power-hungry speakers.

Compared to its predecessor, the Lyric Ti 140 presents itself with numerous innovations and improvements. 
At the heart of the Class AB amplifier are the newly developed output and power transformers with EI core, which not only guarantee maximum performance, but also provide an even more powerful, vivid and multi-layered sound. For individual sound tuning, the negative feedback can be adjusted separately in three stages for 4 and 8 ohms. 

Flexibility in tube selection:

The Lyric Ti140 can be operated with either EL34, KT88, KT120 or KT150. The input stage is equipped with a 12AX7, the phase inversion is realized with a 12AU7. A strong 6SN7 double triode serves as a driver for the end tubes. To adjust the bias, there is a special measuring circuit, which indicates the optimal operating point depending on the tube type.

  • Optional extension of the five high-level inputs with a tape-out as well as a pre-out – for example for an active subwoofer – possible.
  • Implementation of a buffer-amp, which is necessary for long cables or low impedances of the connected devices.
  • Control the volume, input selection and mute function via the remote control. 
    The receiver can also learn codes from another RC5 remote control.

NEW – Further development Ti 140 Mk II Version:

New housing parts with even higher-quality optics make the Ti 140 even more desirable!

Technology upgrade:

  • The optimization of the power transformer ensures even higher magnetic coupling and greater power reserves.
  • The tube amp received a revised input and driver stage with improved signal routing and new interconnect materials. 
  • This face lift is accompanied by a revised tuning of the power supply components and the feedback circuit of the LYRIC Ti 140.
  • LYRIC Ti 140 Mk II


    Integrated amplifier


    2 x 70 W


    1 %

    Output Impedance:

    4 and 8 ohms

    SNR / external 

    voltage gap:

    92 dB

    operating mode:

    Class AB

    Frequency response:

    15 Hz to 45 kHz (-1 dB)


    5 x line



    and / or Tape-Out


    Black or silver

    (Brushed aluminium)

    Dimension B / T / H:

    440 x 382 x 223 mm


    33 kg


    final stage:


    Optionally: 4 x EL34 
    o. KT88 o. KT120 
    o. KT150

    Input stage:

    2x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7, 
    2 x 6SN

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