LYRIC Ti 200

LYRIC Ti  200

The new Lyric Ti 200: A poem from a tube amp

KT 120 11900 EURO        KT 150  12300 EURO.

The Lyric Ti200 embodies state-of-the-art developments in our manufactory: A Parallel Single Ended Class A amplifier with either 2 x EL34, 2 x KT 88, 2 x KT 120, 2 x KT 150 per channel and an output power of 2 x 40W in operation with KT 120 and KT150.

Developer Stefan Noll set up the elaborate, channel-separated power supply with Super Fast rectifier diodes, a filter chain consisting of capacitors and strong choke coils. As a result, the LYRIC Ti 200 achieves high stability and output power as well as excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Also the components of the input and driver stage are of selected quality. In addition, a maximum cost of mass and signal routing was selected, in which opposing currents in the supply voltage and the mixing of the sensitive signal currents are prevented. This “Zero Cross Current Control”, developed by Stefan Noll, can be found exclusively in our new LYRIC amplifiers.

The volume control is a 47-step attenuator. The attenuator is characterized by a high precision and is constructed with narrow-selected metal film resistors, This absolute high-end volume control provides maximum resolution, fine-tuning, and spatial depth. Of course, this feature is also remotely controllable thanks to a stepper motor.

A few words about tube assembly: The input tube is a low-noise 12AX7, which guarantees high dynamics and a wide frequency response. As a driver tube LYRIC chose a 6V6 in triode circuit. This power tube is much more powerful in relation to the “normal” driver tubes and has a very low output impedance. As a result, the LYRIC Ti 200 achieves great stability and has no problems with input capacitance in the subsequent power amplification. Apart from that, the tube type used is characterized by excellent sound properties. The LYRIC Ti 200 delivers contoured bass, beautiful mid-tones and fine, airy highs.

The output transformers were developed especially for the new tube amplifier Ti 200. Here emphasis was placed on extremely low distortion, high bandwidth and, above all, low output impedance, so that even impedance critical boxes are not a problem. As usual, the negative feedback and thus the attenuation factor can be optimally adapted to the speakers via a 6-way switch.

LYRIC Ti 200


Integrated amplifier


2 x 40 W (KT 150), 
2 x 40 W (KT 120), 
2 x 16 W (KT 88), 
2 x 8 W (EL34 / KT77)


<3 %

Output Impedance:

4 and 8 ohms

SNR / external 

voltage gap:

96 dB

operating mode:

Parallel Single-Ended Class A (Ultralinear)

Frequency response:

15 Hz to 35 kHz (-1dB)


5 x line



and / or Tape-Out


Black or silver

(Brushed aluminium)

Dimension B / T / 


440 x 382 x 223 mm


32.5 kg


final stage:


Optional: 4 x EL34 
or KT88 or KT120 
or KT150

Input stage:

2 x 12AU7, 2 x 6L6

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