Outside dimensions

Width  450 mm
Depth  370 mm

Height (with dust cover)  155 mm
Dust Cover can be easily removed.

Mains input with external power supply
Outside dimensions L x W x H  110x80x50mm
Universal wide range input        90-264VAC / 47-63Hz

Power consumption

Maximum power consumption  30 W

Power consumption during playback  ~3 W


Brushless Direct Drive Motor with opto-electronic speed feedback

Electronic speed control, with analog controller circuit

Platter  D=304 mm
Precision manufactured from Aluminum
Weight incl. platter mat 2,5 kg

Platter speeds 33, 45, 78
Selection via rotary switch

Fine adjustment with poti for each speed 33, 45, 78

UPM Speed settling time at 33 1/3 rpm 4-5 s

 Wow and flutter (DIN weighted) <  0.04

Chassis design

- Heavy aluminum base plate with
adjustable stands

- Plinth design is machined from a
MDF-Block with fine veneer finish

Veneer type can be selected by customer

- Solid aluminum chassis plate, carries direct drive motor and tonearm.

Tonearm Data
- Effective tonearm length   221mm

- Overhang  18.5mm

- Offset angle 24°

- Effective tonearm mass (without cartridge) ca. 15g

Tonearm Design

- 4-point gimbal pivot design

- All gimbal parts made from solid aluminium

, black anodized surface

- Mini pivot ball bearings combined
with hardened and precision grinded tips

- Tracking force ap plied with precision spring mechanism

- Antiskating compensation with spring mechanism

- Straight aluminium/carbon sandwich arm tube

- Headshell is made from solid
aluminium, azimuth is adjustable
- Tonearm height adjustment, with precision clamp

Pickup Cartridge
Ortofon MC Quintet Bronze

Dual New Model Primus Maximus Direct Drive Μασίφ Ξύλινο σασσί Υποσασσί με ανάρτηση.


Handcrafted in Germany.
Minimum 100 pcs.
Speed: 33/45/78 rpm.
• Wooden case, milled from an MDF block, coated with fine real wood veneer
• A large selection of fine veneers is available for individual requests
• Floor construction: solid 10 mm thick aluminum plate
• Four height-adjustable device feet made of solid aluminum
• High quality direct drive

• Reaches the nominal speed 33 within 5 seconds, which the player maintains with a stoic calm
o Fluctuation: o Massive tall 10mm thick aluminum plate eliminates vibrations
o Brand new anti-vibration quality RUBBER slipmat

o Dynamically balanced all-aluminum arm with precision CARDANIC ball bearings
o Adjustable contact force on the tip with scale
o The carbon fiber arm tube provides optimum rigidity and optimum damping properties
o Direct Drive extremely high quality drive
o High quality MC Audio-Technica AT OC7
o Dust plexiglass cover
o Solid 10 mm thick aluminum plate
o Four height-adjustable aluminum legs

o Dimensions: 420mm x 132mm x 350mm


Dual Primus Maximus tech specs:
Drive technology:
Of course we use our new direct drive technology in our turntable. Absolutely low noise, top wow and flutter values and adequate time for speed stabilization, are just a few advantages of the direct-drive. The unique analog drive controller sends an almost flat and very low control voltage to the motor. The motor operates mainly as a high precision platter bearing with a little energy compensation for friction losses.
The motor design is brushless. It used Hall sensors and an integrated electronic board for commuting the motor coils. This is a must for a smooth motor movement and for elimination of distortion by usual brushes. The motor coils are air core types. So there is no magnetic rest point or hysteresis loss. An optical sensor is used for continuous speed feedback.

As the motor bearing is also the platter bearing, we spent special attention on its design. The radial force is carried by a precision sinter metal bearing. For the axial forces, we spent the motor a bearing bottom out of polyamide. This design guarantees very low noise movement and high precision bearing gap, combined with long life.

The rotor unit is also a sub platter. So it is easy to combine with all kind of platter designs. All motor components are integrated is a solid metal housing, which eliminates all kind of vibration.

Speed Control:
For our motor, we designed a special speed controller. This controller is an analog design. That means we use an analog signal for the motor speed feedback and compare it with an analog reference. The output signal to the motor is again analog. In combination with a correctly designed platter, the signal to the motor is a simple line, absolutely low level and flat. In normal drive condition, the motor acts just as a precision bearing plus a little energy for the friction losses. Only in start mode or at higher break forces, it increases the drive current accordingly to the needed level. Long waiting times for stabilized platter speed as a compromise for low wow and flutter and low noise, is no longer needed. The direct drive” features both without compromising.
The platter:
The weight of the platter is almost 3kg. The mass is optimized for best results with our motor and controller technology. The solid rubber mat adds also weight and eliminates platter resonances. In addition it couples the record to the platter.

The Primus Maximus has got a sub chassis design. Motor, platter and tonearm are assembled on a solid metal plate, which sits on 4 damper elements. The outside housing works as solid ground. The fine wood finish has a heavy full metal base plate. The complete turntable is equipped with 4 adjustable full metal stands, for exact positioning in the horizontal.

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