NEW DSD DAC NORTH STAR DESIGN IMPULSO demo unit 1070 euro.silver


North Star Design Impulso DAC

DAC Chip:ESS ES9016

USB Input Digital Isolator: Texas ISO7640 

I/V Conversion Op Amp: OPA1611

Low Pass Filter OP Amp: LME49870

Power Transformer: 1 Toroidal Transformer

Release Date: July 2013

Made In: Italy

ΤΙΜΗ ΜΕ ΦΠΑ SILVER/SATIN SILVER: 1525 EURO  demo unit 1070 euro.  

                             BLACK : 1600 EURO                             


-Asynchronous USB Hi-Speed Audio 2.0 compliant optically coupled with Texas ISO7640 

-Native DSD 2.8 – 5.6 Mbit/s (and also 3.072 & 6,144) and PCM 384 kHz – 32 bit on USB 

-Driver not necessary on Apple OSx and Linux 

-ASIO driver for DSD reproduction on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

-ESS Sabre ES9016 DAC chip that runs until 384kHz-32 bit in double balanced configuration


-Separated toroidal transformers for analog and digital section 

-Analog output is available on unbalanced and balanced connectors with true balanced circuit. 

-High precision film resistors and capacitors on analog stage 

-Separate analog ground plane for each channel section with star connection 

-Integrated components analog stage with flagship OPA1611 

-Coaxial digital input.

-AES/EBU digital input 

-DPLL ON-DAC for maximum jitter reduction 

-Digital filter selectable from setup for PCM (high, low slope) and DSD reproduction 

-Phase selectable 0-180 degree from setup 

-The THD is very low 0,0003%.

-Separated low noise power supply for USB port 

-USB firmware update/upgrade from PC

-The sound is fantastic, natural and detailed. The ESS DAC is really a miracle. In particular the DSD files are more natural than PCM but both are at the maximum level. Also a normal 44.1/16 sounds fantastic.

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