Υψηλης ποιοτητας προενισχυτης για κεφαλες ΜΜ/MC με ταFET της Toshiba.

Bandwidth 5Hz to 90kHz, -3dB Maximum output
voltage 8.5Vrms  (47 kOhm load)
Overall gain 40dB-60dB @ 1kHz selectable with dip- switch.
Input Impedance 29 Ohm – 100 kOhm selectable
with dip-switch.Selectable input  Capacitance.
Input Unbalanced  1 pair x channel (RCA) WBT Connectors
Output Unbalanced (RCA) WBT Connectors  -   MM, high
output MC,  low output MC.            
Handmade Litz cable for this specific application
from White Gold. JFET differential built around
Toshiba 2SK170 among the most  noiseless transistor of the current production

Τιμη με το ΦΠΑ

Silver: 1550 Euro 
Satin Black: 1625 Euro 

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